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Bethy's Wagon Set (PNG)

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Minimum Purchase:
1 unit
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

HUGE set of 18 separate stamps, starring Bethy and wagon. So many different ways to use. Now in PNG for easy merging


  • Bethy Straight haired version
  • Bethy Curly haired version
  • Sis Straight haired version
  • Sis Curly haired version
  • Bro Straight haired version
  • Bro Curly haired version
  • Bethy's wedding veil
  • tin cans on a string (to drag behind wedding wagon)
  • lemonade and cups (to go in wagon)
  • stuffed toys (to go in wagon)
  • "mudcakes" (to go in wagon)
  • "Just Married" sign ¢ (to go on wagon)
  • "Free Rides" sign (to go on wagon)
  • "Lemonade 25¢" sign (to go on wagon)
  • "Sister for sale" sign (to go on wagon)
  • "Brother for sale" sign (to go on wagon)
  • "Pies for Sale" sign (to go on wagon)
  • Blank sign (to go on wagon) so you can write in your own message!

Note: (merged sample image is not included, you need to merge these yourself.)